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Why do most traders fail?
There are thousands of reasons, but here are the top three.
Unquantified Strategy
This leads to discretion and gives rise to doubt and fear when taking a trade.
This creates invalid stats and inability to scale and reproduce the results.
No Review
Strategy performance is unknown and optimization is not implemented.
How can Live Trading Room help you?
It will show you how the professionals trade safely, consistently and successfully  
1. Strategy
For trading success, you need a strategy that is:
Has an edge
2. Execution
To ensure you consistently execute, you need to:
Continually work on your psychology
Keep your mind in the present
Overcome fear and greed
3. Review
This is where you analyse your system:
For optimization, if necessary
What others are saying
"How I always imagined trading should be done..."
"MTM have a systematic way to create strategies. Starting from a concept and being backed with statistics, the strategies are fully quantified and therefore reproducible and scalable. I have enjoyed the 1 on 1 coaching sessions and what I have experienced is how I always imagined trading should be done".
-Jens Halsberghe, Equity Research Analyst
"Depth of knowledge, passion and inspiration is simply mind blowing..."
"The immense depth of knowledge, passion and inspiration which Thiru and Rishi bring to FX trading is simply mind blowing. Regardless of whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, spending time with these guys is invaluable. With their support and motivation you can truly learn how to Master the Markets".

-Jaiman Pattni, Property Investor
"I have not seen this level of transparency and enthusiasm before!"
"Rishi and Thiru are committed to training traders, wanting to serve and build a community of traders. I have not seen this level of transparency and enthusiasm before! Great training! Highly recommend if you are serious about trading!"

-Marc Bringmann, Property Investor​​​​​​​
About Us
Thiru and Rishi, founders of Master The Markets, Elite Traders Conference and the traders Open day, have crafted their expertise after consulting on a private trading floor for over 10years. They have traded company accounts, coached over 25,000 people from around the world, and have presented over 150 live trading events and workshops.

The trading systems that they publish have been researched by their team of professional traders who have 38years of cumulative experience. They trade the Forex markets live every day with full transparency of their results in real time.

Their open door online support shows their care for their traders' success. The numerous testimonials given by clients from a variety of professions is a clear testament to their trading credentials.
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