Start Trading Like A Master
Traders Basecamp – 2-Day Professional Trader Training Program
Are you ready to get serious about trading?
This is where it all begins, your journey to the summit of the financial trading world.

Traders Basecamp is an entry level weekend workshop designed for beginners. It is an easy to understand course designed at the right pace to introduce you to the basic trading tools and risk management strategies used by traders.

By the end of the weekend, you will have learnt:

- How to read and trade the charts to make money
- Risk management strategies to keep you safe and secure
- The psychology behind executing profitable trades
- To apply what you have learnt to live trading scenarios
- To place your first trade and be on your way to financial freedom

Previous Events
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What will you learn
The fun-filled 2 day workshop will cover:

- Technical analysis content – Learn to read and trade the charts like the professionals to make consistent profits
- Experiential strategic games – This is the x-factor of the whole 2 day event. You apply the theory to the strategic games we have designed for you. So good and so fun! Prizes to be won!
- Technology Section – We help you set up your charts just the way ours look like. And you will learn to place your first trade here – hands on

The retail price of the workshop is £2000 + VAT.
Our promotional price for a limited period only is just £997 + VAT – this covers our expenses.
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop for an enriching and fun filled time.

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